Orientation week 8-12 Feb 16

Week one has been a roller coaster ride in terms of orientation units and admin tasks.
The first supervisor meeting took place. Everyone attended, followed by an engaging getting to know each plus debate around the topic. I was able to provide a brief overview of the topic…quickly realising that the topic has the strength of being 3 PhDs. In other words scaling back to a more narrower investigation seems more feasible and logical. I continued to read widely in the literature space and felt after my first online library visit like Charlie in the Chocolate factory. Plenty of work out there- which all want to be eaten up by me…hopefully I do not get a stomach ache.

What else did I take away? Don’t try to change the world with a PhD, enjoy the long process day to day, a PhD is about trying out new research skills, be pragmatic in parts, do widely reading.

PhD relevant activities during this week:

  • Orientation in a nutshell
  • Orientation research
  • Analysing qualitative and mixed data
  • two PhD welcome events
  • Making the best of supervision
  • Orientation UC library
  • Meeting with Paul to compare notes and findings of my book
  • Back to business event: Launch of the latest Deloitte report on place, community and cities
  • successful completion of moodle unit – avoiding plagiarism
  • literature review (written a small discussion/ reflection paper on mental health and children) –> send to Andrew per email

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