Week 4: 7th March – 11th March 2016

Over the weekend I have been contemplating about creative research methods and my approach reflecting on course content as well as on Norman Blaikies suggestions in “Approaches to Social Enquiry” from 2007.

After doing more literature research in the space of child friendly design, creative research tool with children, behaviour change on sustainability issues, as well as health and play I felt to revisit the original hypothesis and come up with a few new once.

  • How should we design contemporary neighbourhoods so that they are supportive of independent child play?
  • What are the impacts of adult culture on active play in contemporary urban environments and how should designer respond in order to enable better health outcomes.
  • What are the key barriers to active child play in neighbourhoods across different urban adult cultures and what design responses can facilitate better health outcomes?

With respect to creative research method and practice I found the following memo useful:

Exhibition as a tool aiming to establish a public conversation by consulting the local public about several specific issues and outline some in progress, results and hypothesis. Penin Lara (2013) in: Crocker, R. & Lehmann, S. (2013)  Motivating Change: Sustainable design and behaviour  in the built environment, p. 244


Selection of children video/ photo/ film their neighbourhood –> empowerment

Interview of adults

Analyse benefits of object/ place/ event relation

Hoping to find clues in relation to danger and perceived danger (is there a fear or no fear culture) that can be used to change adult behaviour.

Link to research

Amplify by Design films reveal the power of personal narratives on the subject of play. Check: http://www.amplifyingcreativecommunities.net/#p2a

Monday afternoon: I will attend How to write a Lit Review session.

Potential method for exhibition and footing use in creative research through practice:




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