Week 14: 16th May – 20th May 2016

Session day with Tim

Going through the Ethics proposal

What am I allowed to observe in public spaces?

Don’t over think!

Focus on types not details –> observation, targeted interventions

Affrica Taylor Affrica.Taylor@canberra.edu.au contact her in UC Education

(nye-not yet examined)


Ethics approval

Completed on the 18/05/16 the Ethics form Ethics_Form_GHM180516

Consent form for ethics can be accessed here: Research Consent Form

To be submitted after supervisor approval to:   humanethicscommittee@canberra.edu.au

Access here revised Introduction presentation GHM

Things to do:

  • Amend title to “The phenomena of play in cities” (research office has been contacted)
  • finalise PhD proposal
  • continue literature review (focus on papers in order to prepare reading list for students)
  • submit ethics form to supervisor –> then submit to the ethics committee (next meeting is 28th June 2016, to be lodged on the 14th June 2016 noon electronically)



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