Week 21: 4 July – 8 July 2016

observation checklist (Spradely (1980). Participant Observation, New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, p. 78) :

  • space: physical place or space
  • actor: the people involved
  • activity: playful behaviour
  • object: the physical items/environment
  • act: single actions
  • event: set of related activities which people carry out
  • time: sequencing which takes place over time
  • goal: what are these people try to accomplish
  • feelings: felt emotions and expressions

fieldwork diary (Wilkinson (2003). Using Research Instruments-  a guide for Researchers)

used to plan dates, observation sessions, record time spend in the setting, length of major events

structured (counting of events and relationships) and/ or descriptive approach (look beyond measures to understand and explore the meaning of such events) p.129

data driven research benefit: can find questions and answers that cannot be found by any other means.

Ethics approval

Yesterday I’ve received an email from Ethics raising further concerns in relation to my research project. In order to respond to their concerns I worked today on a draft response, which can be discussed at tomorrows supervisors meeting. Also the supervisors received a copy of the one pager about my research intent.

Draft response the ethics concerns can be accessed here. ethic concerns

Supervisor meeting

Meeting with Milica and Andrew – discussion of ethics –> need to rework and have a meeting with Hendrik

Take children completely out, make contact with Hanoi to translate the consent form.

Need to scale down the scope: agreed on using the street as subunit across each unit.

Street research

Any street with more than 200 cars per hour, at any time, will be consider as a major road and therefore starts to destroy the neighbourhood identity. Alexander (1977) Pattern Language p. 84


people from all cultures have the general need of some kind of mixing, which is possible in a promenade. p.170

if there is a promenade within 10 min the more people will use it.

a place with less than 150-300 square feet of paved surface feels dead or uninviting

10-min walk accounts for 1500 feet –> perfect length for the promenade (needs 16.000 people.

use between 6-10 pm. p.171

Shopping street:

depend on access and need a location near major road, however the street itself needs to be quite, comfort and convenient from pedestrian path in surrounding areas.



can make






All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and woman merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;And one man in his time plays many parts,
His act being seven ages.

p. 140

Erik Erikson “Idenity and the Life Cycle” in Psychological Issues, Vol.1, No. 1, NY 1959.

8 phases of life
1. Trust vs. mistrust: infants
2. Autonomy vs. shame and doubt: very young child
3. Initiative vs. guilt: child
4. Industry vs. inferiority: youngsters
5. Identity vs. identity diffusion: youth, adolescence
6. Intimacy vs. isolation: young adults
7. Generativity vs. stagnation: adults
8. Integrity vs. despair: old agep. 141f.







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