Week 22: 11th- 15th July 2016


Writing of an article in relation to play and posted on Synergies website and professional networks (reach 20000 people) to test the project and get some responses.


Meeting at Uni in relation to the Ethics (13th July):

  • will need to prepare a Poster and flyer
  • translate my consent forms and research information forms in the Vietnamese and German.
  • narrowed scope of research down to the urban morphology of different street scapes in correlation to speed environments. This has been considered in the amendments in the ethics proposal.
  • preparation of response to ethics in relation to issues raised, includes choice of cases based on connection and previous experience in these countries. Partners can be named.

Forms and response:

Ethic concern response;

Research Consent Form;

Nghiên cứu Mẫu đồng ý;


Teilnehmer Informationen;

Participant-Information Form GHM;


Tham gia mẫu thông tin;



Smith Sutton (Ambiguity of play) detailed typology of play will be useful to create subcategories based on Callois 4 types of play. This can make the coding and observation much more structured and easier to analyse.

Overseas contact

This week I’ve made contact with the National University of Civil Engineering in Hanoi in relation to support on research. Positive response have been received confirming the interest and support for research.

Reasoning behind units

Lived experience and work experience in the selected cities.

Reasoning behind subunits

Focus on street environments only. Based on research findings on the correlation with traffic speed (Sauter and Huettenmoser, 2008), streets with higher place functions have been chosen for the research (Department for Transport (UK), 2010).

  1. Pedestrian zone
  2. Shared space/ path
  3. residential streets



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