Week 1 &2 2017

Over the last two weeks I’ve continued to work on the assessorsĀ  response following additional in depth reading on the philosophical basis.

The reading led me to the point of the following hypothesis:

Play is a essential preconditional experience of socially produced spaces, followed by interaction with objects in space before humans can appreciate and share this space through a shared consciousness elevating the space to a shared value described as place?


Draft of the assessors response:


This report includes my theoretical discourse analysis as well as the definition of play.



Week 34: 3rd – 7th October 2016

Arrival back in Canberra

Commenced reviewing my one pager as well as the proposal in light of the experience of testing.

Currently now working on updating the blog as well as writing the abstract for the confirmation seminar (HDR application is due on the 13th October 2016)


Week 17: 6th – 10 June 2016

This week has been fairly busy with PhD related activities ranging from lecturing on play and active reflection. I was surprised by the sophistication of some student replies in regards to the definition/ exploration of play. Many were able to capture and describe the intrinsic nature of play.

However, when it came to playful interaction most of them were unable to connect their mind to playful activity in the moment. If one understand thinking as another sense and wants to be creative these experiments confirm more and more that the more senses are stimulated at the same time allows for better connection with the state of being as well as with the environment as well as creativity.

Research Plan

Preliminary research timeline (three year full time scenario)

TimelinePhD GHM
to be amended annually

New research skills gained this semester:

  • Work with Endnote
  • Established an OCRID Account
  • Taking part in the Creative Research Course
  • Set up PhD Blog
  • Intensive background reading on relevant philosophy
  • Attended Ethics seminar
  • Attended how to undertake effective writing workshop
  • Attended workshop on how to write a research proposal
  • Attended workshop on research design
  • Attended two PhD confirmation seminars
  • Studied several successful PhD’s in order to get an better understanding of structure and approach
  • Ongoing literature review (notes are included in the blog)
  • Critical reflection is part of the ongoing practice


  • PhD Draft proposal complete by End April
  • Ethics Draft proposal complete by End April