Week 16: 30th May -3rd June 2016

Two days of drafting the research proposal passed.

On Monday uploaded the document onto Moodle and undertook a urkund check. Awaiting the results, if there are any…

Revisited the creative research literature in order to verify option for creative output. Currently I tend toward a book for the following reasons:

  • more permanent (output) –> what do I want to get out of the PhD.
  • easier to distribute through different countries where I will undertake research.
  • a book can better inform policy over a longer period in time.
  • equally labour intense than a exhibition
  • challenge to find an appropriate publisher and someone who covers the print cost for the first edition.

–> Addtional option to link book to an online exhibition (videos, photos etc.) hosted by USG.

Ideas for the design of the creative output

Zardini, M. (2005). Sense of the City: an alternate approach to urbanism. Montréal Lars Müller Publishers.

PhD proposal

The PhD proposal can be accessed here: PhD Proposal